duminică, 9 ianuarie 2011

Nancy Mitford in the Savoy Museum

I hung a Bassano portrait of Nancy Mitford in the Savoy Museum having written to the Dowager Duchess of Devonshire to ask about her reminiscences of the Savoy in the 50s. Bear in mind the Duchess was by far the youngest and Nancy the eldest so they didn’t exactly socialise until both were full-grown. Also, Nancy spent most of her adult life in Paris. However, the Duchess did distinctly recall that she, Mrs Rodd (Nancy) and Lady Mosley all danced the night away at the Savoy to the sound of Carroll Gibbons and his band. I understand the Grill was a favourite of Mrs Rodd’s and her Parisian lover the General during World War II. James Sherwood

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Hi Laura,

A Toff is another word for a posh person. Nancy Mitford is another toff! What a beautiful, erudite blog you have here.