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TABU- iulie-august 2014

Q:      Are you a New Yorker? How important is NY for you?
A:      Today I am definitely a New Yorker, but I was born in Philadelphia.  For me, New York is the center of the universe because that is where change not only happens but is permitted to happen.

Q:      Did you have a glittering childhood?
A:      During my childhood I was extremely quiet and reserved.  I played the violin from when I was 2 ½ years old.

Q:      How important is the family in the development of a child?
A:      Although my husband and I do not have children, I think the family is very important.  If, however, a child does not have any immediate family, an extended family that provides emotional support is extremely helpful.

Q:      What you thought in your childhood that your way in life will be?
A:      I was always studious and read a lot of books.  I never imagined that I would someday write books as well.  But, I always went to museums and tried to learn about the arts and other cultures.  Education to me is the most important advice I would have for a young person.

Q:      Your husband is a leader in higher education.  What exactly is his mission?
A:      My husband is Chairman of Qubed which forges relationships between media companies and world universities.

Q:      You create the Avenue magazine, an important monthly style magazine. Why?
A:      At the time, in 1975, New York had a major recession, and I saw an opportunity in the marketplace to do, what I called at that time, a pictorial New Yorker.  I then developed editions in Japan and China and, in the summer of 2001, I sold everything and decided to create the not-for-profit National Jewelry Institute.

Q:      Now, as you are so creative, you made the National Jewelry Institute. How it started? Only from a love of jewelry?
A:      I founded the NJI 10 years ago. At the time, there was no not-for-profit organization focused on telling the story of the jewelry industry. We’re not a trade company but, rather, our mission is to educate people about people, events, and places—using jewelry as a metaphor. Every show that we’ve had in 10 years, and we’ve had 14 exhibitions, has really been about education.
          In that spirit, we are excited to announce a new collaboration with Parsons the New School for Design.  Next year, The NJI @ Parsons will begin offering one week intensive courses in New York and Paris on the subject of fine jewelry.  

Favourite places:

Q:      Do you take breakfast at home or in town?
A:      I live in New York and Paris.  In New York I get up every morning at 5:30am and do one hour of exercise; then I eat breakfast at home.  In Paris I get up around 8:00am and then have breakfast at home.

Q:      Which are your favourite restaurants in NY?  What are the best places for lunch and dinner?
A:      When I’m lunching in New York I like Michael’s restaurant because you see so many people you know.  Another restaurant I like for lunch is Il Gattapoardo, which is right across the street from the Museum of Modern Art.  I also love going to Circo, Amaranth, Bilboquet, and Bar Italia for lunch.  For dinner, Café Boulud is a favorite of mine, as well as Da Silvano and Rotisserie Georgette.

Q:      Which are your favourite restaurants in Paris?
A:      For lunch: Le Voltaire, L’Avenue, the Bar at Le Bristol Hotel, and Table.  For dinner: Mon Veil Ami, Chez Renee, Mathis and August. And after dinner, Silencio.

Q:      Which is the best grocery? Patisserie? Cakes?
A:      For me, the best grocery is Grace’s Market on the Upper East Side, since I live there.  Since I have a tendency to gain weight I don’t eat pastries or cakes.

Q:      Coffee or tea, which do you prefer? Which are the best addresses to buy, drink,coffe or tea?
A:      I prefer coffee.  I have a Nespresso machine and purchase the coffee via the internet.

Q:      And shopping? Shoes, clothes, bags, gloves, or things for house, antiquities?
A:      Since I have an apartment in Paris I often go shopping for antiques there and not in New York.  In New York I am always working.  In Paris I like the following: Museums: Carnavalet and Institut du Monde Arabe and the Acquarium.  Shops: Dior – in addition to clothes they have amazing gifts such as tableware.  Galerie Agnes Monplaisir.  Auge for wine and my favorite hairdresser is Carita (near the Plaza Athenee).

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